Private Lessons

Private Lesson students meet with their instructor once per week for 30 minutes.  Instructors teach music notation, technique, theory, performance skills and more.

Band Programs

Band classes meet weekly. Students will participate in a band learning songs and performance skills.  The band will be offered performance opportunities in local venues and schools. Members must apply and audition for the course. Selection is based on desire and proficiency on the instrument.  Auditions are held each September.  For more info contact Tim Harris at 980-581-9652.


Beginning Group Guitar

This class is offered several times per year and is designed for ages 8-11, and taught twice per week.

Band Week

Band Week is a new program beginning in the fall of 2019.  Students will work on songs during private lessons and come together as a band once a month.  The band will perform at Showcases & other events. No audition is necessary.


Tech Class

This class is all about Audio, Lighting and Staging.  Taught by Tim Harris, classes are offered several times throughout the year  Call 704-322-8937 for more info.